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Prepare for the Window Wanderland Posted on: 1/12/2020

Prepare for the Window Wanderland

Our Year 4 children had an amazing time in school last month creating lanterns for a local event called 'Window Wanderland', a festival of light and colour.  Minerva was included in the Nocturnal Nightlights Window Wanderland, covering the East Taunton area. The school was delighted to be included in a free lantern making workshop with lead artist Sarah Butterworth, supported by Somerset West and Taunton Council and Somerset Art Works, as part of the Nocturnal Nightlights Window Wanderland (Nov 21st to Dec 6th). This term the Year 4 children's topic has been carnival. They designed carnival floats, which included light, sound and movement ideas from their work on electricity. The lanterns were an excellent way to talk about the walking entries in local carnivals and give them examples of the uses of light, light sources, power (batteries), light travelling in straight lines and circuits etc. To make the lanterns the children used willow to create their structure, and designed patterns using leaves, which they cut out on black paper. They then used tissue paper and glue to cover the lantern and placed the leaves on. When they were dry the lanterns were secured to a piece of willow and an LED light placed inside. The children displayed them in the classroom for a short time (as they were rather large!) and then took them home. The children thought they were brilliant and it was a great link to Year 4's science work on light. The children and their parents have been invited to take their lanterns to the All Saints Church Hall (Roman Road) on Friday 4th December, 5:00 to 7:30pm. The areas around the church will be lit up with lanterns and wildlife sculptures along the Halcon, East Taunton walking trail.Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

1 Blog Post found

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