Your Child's Progress

We offer a variety of opportunities to share information about your child’s progress with you. There are parents evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms and a detailed written report in the Summer Term. The class teachers are available at the end of the day and frequently have informal feedback sessions with parents about pupils progress. If we are concerned that a child is not making anticipated progress we will arrange to meet with parents to discuss how we can work together to improve rates of progress. In some cases we may work with the Learning Support Adviser or Education Psychologist.


If you have any concerns about your child, their progress or their behaviour either in school or out of school, please come in and talk with us. Your child’s teacher will be available at the end of the day and you can either book an appointment directly with them or arrange this through our school reception. If your matter is urgent please come into reception and an appointment with a senior member of staff will be arranged as soon as possible.

Supporting your Child's Learning at Home

As you know, your involvement in your child’s learning is crucial to help them grow into well rounded young people. You can help your child by supporting them with their reading, spelling and times tables. Furthermore, when they go to secondary school, they will be expected to complete ‘homework tasks’ and organise themselves (to manage work) at home on their own. As a school, it is our duty to help them do this as they grow.

Below is a link to an overview of the learning at home we expect your children to complete. They will be rewarded for completing their learning on a weekly basis.

We understand how busy life is, so taking this short amount of time each week with your child is really important. It will help them in their learning, provide opportunities of quality time to spend with your child and support them to prepare for secondary school.

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