Letters Home

Letters Home 2021-22 Date  
Year 6 Leavers' Celebration 13th Jul 2022 Download
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) 10th Jun 2022 Download
Nursery fees for 2022-23 09th May 2022 Download
COVID Guidance Update 05th Apr 2022 Download
Hawk Owls: trip to Carymoor Environmental Centre 31st Mar 2022 Download
Year 4 swimming 31st Mar 2022 Download
Year 1 and 2 Story Club 03rd Feb 2022 Download
Staffing Changes 21st Jan 2022 Download
"What Would You Do?" Performance at the Brewhouse 12th Jan 2022 Download
Year 5 Swimming 06th Jan 2022 Download
Parent-teacher Consultations 01st Nov 2021 Download
Staffing Changes in Little Owls Class 22nd Oct 2021 Download
Flu Vaccinations 2021 22nd Sep 2021 Download
Start of term information 08th Sep 2021 Download
Year 6 swimming 08th Sep 2021 Download
Ofsted report 10th Sep 2021 Download
Relaunch of Minerva Moments 20th Sep 2021 Download
Letter to all parents and carers re. Covid 23rd Sep 2021 Download
NSPCC: Speak Out, Stay Safe 29th Sep 2021 Download
Letter to Eagle Owls parents re. Squid Game 15th Oct 2021 Download
COVID Update 01st Nov 2021 Download
Year of Reading 01st Nov 2021 Download
Cinema Trip 12th Nov 2021 Download
Key Stage 1 Nativity Play 25th Nov 2021 Download
Flu Vaccinations Reminder 29th Nov 2021 Download
Bucket Filling Challenge 03rd Dec 2021 Download
Staffing Changes 09th Dec 2021 Download
Year 6 Leavers Hoodies 17th Jan 2022 Download
Year 5 Swimming - Spring 2 26th Jan 2022 Download
Report from Ofsted Monitoring Visit 31st Jan 2022 Download
Mid-year Parent-Teacher consultations 02nd Feb 2022 Download
Timings for the School Day 16th Feb 2022 Download
COVID regulations update 28th Feb 2022 Download
Height and weight checks for Reception & Year 6 28th Feb 2022 Download
Year 3 to 6 Running Club 01st Mar 2022 Download
Current situation in Ukraine 04th Mar 2022 Download
Warn and Inform 16th Mar 2022 Download
Internet Safety 17th Mar 2022 Download
Mini-Police activity involving contact with dogs 05th Apr 2022 Download
Year 5: Evacuee Experience at Museum of Rural Life 03rd May 2022 Download
Year 6: SATs 03rd May 2022 Download
Year 2: Moving into KS2 05th May 2022 Download
Year 6: trip to Crealy 09th May 2022 Download
Parking around the school area 10th May 2022 Download
Redstart Performing Arts Festival (letter 1) 13th May 2022 Download
Yr5/6 BikeAbility 16th May 2022 Download
Warn & Inform Notice: Confirmed Case of Chickenpox 19th May 2022 Download
End of Summer 1 23rd May 2022 Download
Redstart Performing Arts Festival (letter 2) 26th May 2022 Download
Eagle Owls: Magdalen Farm trip 06th Jun 2022 Download
Staffing Changes in September 15th Jun 2022 Download
Year 6 Celebration Day 27th Jun 2022 Download
School Structure 2022-23 04th Jul 2022 Download
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