Second Hand Uniform Shop

From September 2020 the school will be trialling a second-hand uniform shop, which will allow parents / carers to buy and sell items of school uniform. The scheme will run through the school office.


Items for sale must be washed and handed to the school office. Please bring all items in a bag, and include a list which clearly states:

  • Name and contact details of seller;
  • Type and size of each item, e.g. school jumper age 6-7;
  • Price of each item.

For hygiene reasons we cannot accept shoes or socks, but we will take:

  • Minerva jumpers and cardigans;
  • white polo shirts;
  • grey trousers, shorts, skirts and pinafores;
  • blue gingham summer dresses;
  • Minerva book bags;
  • Minerva PE t-shirts;
  • royal blue PE shorts;
  • navy blue tracksuits and jogging bottoms.

When an item is sold, the school will pass the money back to the seller.

Any items that have not been sold after a year will be disposed of.


While the Covid-19 pandemic continues the school will not be able to hold any second-hand uniform sales, but parents / carers who need to buy any items of school uniform can contact the office to find out what is available.

When the pandemic is over, the school will look at holding either termly or half-termly uniform sales.

Covid-19 precautions

During the pandemic, all items handed in at school will be quarantined for 72 hours before being made available for sale. We recommend that any second-hand clothes bought from the school should be washed again before wearing.

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