School Hours

School Day

Our school day starts promptly with registration every day at 9:00am and ends at 3:15pm when many children will attend one of our many after school clubs.  These clubs run daily until 4:15pm

On a Monday, Tuesday and Friday, the Class assembly or PSHE session is replaced by a whole school assembly held in the school hall. 

A typical school day:

Key Stage 1

9am to 10.45am - Learning session

10.45am - 11am - Break

11am - 12.00pm - Learning session

12.00pm – 12.50pm - Lunch

12.50pm - 3.15pm - Learning session


Key Stage 2

8.50am to 11am - Learning session

10.45am - 11am - Break

11.00am - 12.10pm - Learning session

12.10pm - 1.00pm - Lunch

1.00pm - 3.15pm - Learning session

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