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A message from Mr Beynon Posted on: 22/11/2019

A message from Mr Beynon

We were pleased to see parents at our KS2 remembrance display preparation in Church and for the support you gave our Children in Need activities which raised over £180. Thank you for your generosity. The first disco in many years was a success and the children really enjoyed the event. We are grateful for the support that POMs provides to the school. We have a number of events coming up to which you are invited to contribute. On Wednesday 27 November in the afternoon we have Christmas Decoration making to which you are invited to come into school and work with your children. On Monday 2 December at 2.15 in the Church is the KS2 Carol Service and on Wednesday and Thursday 11 and 12 December at 9.30am in the Church we are holding our EY and KS1 Nativity Play. We would ask that parents with toddlers who wish to attend come to the Thursday performance. Our Christmas Fair will be on Friday 13 December at 3pm when some of the decorations made by pupils and families will be on sale as well as other items. There will also be gifts from Father Christmas who is joining us that afternoon. The complete results of the Parent Survey are to be found elsewhere in the newsletter. Generally, the results were better than last year except for one or two areas. Of particular concern was the response that only 72% of parents who replied said that children are well behaved at the school. This contrasts with the views of many external visitors who have been in the school recently. These visitors report that the school is calm, that there are rarely children out of class and most children are concentrating on their learning. Also, the number of exclusions has reduced dramatically despite us having higher expectations. This survey response is lower than last year when behaviour was clearly more of an issue. My assumption is that these views are likely to reflect the behaviour seen particularly at the start and end of the school day - a time when we share responsibility for behaviour with you as parents and carers. We will continue to monitor this situation and ask your views again in the near future. We would also ask that parents and carers model expected behaviour by not using offensive language or their mobile phones while on the school premises.Categories: 1 CategorySchool News

2 Blog Posts found

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